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Featured here are various articles relating to repairs and modifications. If you have a repair or modification and would like to have it posted on this web site,  please email: jmirwin@lotuseuropa.org .

Please note that these articles are submitted by various individuals and neither LotusEuropa.org or LotusEuropa.net or the owner / owners of this site takes or assumes any responsibility as to there accuracy or reliability. Any thing you do to your car based on these articles are done so at your own risk. Caveat emptor

NEW! November 24,2005 Lotus “Twin Cam” dual Stromberg to Weber DGV conversion submitted by By David Maughan

Door Removal and hinge repair - Author - Geoff Searle

NEW! May 07,2005  Check out Norm Vandal's new engine mounts

Alternator Conversion for a S-2 Renault engine - Author - Guy Arnos 

Lotus Europa Twin Cam Competition Manual - originally prepared by Jensen Motors - circa 1973 or maybe 1974 submitted by Neil Petersen 

Carburetor conversion - Zenith Stromberg to SU Carbs  for Lotus Twin Cam - Submitted by - John Abbott

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Original Air Conditioning as installed in a 1973 Twin Cam Special - submitted by Walt Lewis

Lotus Factory letters explaining Vehicle Identification Numbers  - dated November 1997 

Various Pictures of a Zetec Installation into a 1973 TCS

Parts Interchange List - courtesy of the Golden Gate Lotus Club

100 tips on Rebuilding a Twin Cam Europa - by Geoff Searle

Toyota Cable Shifter Installation - by Brent

S2-Hub Bearing Conversion - by TwoSunDogs

Corvair Hub Conversion - by Unknown