Toyota Cable Shifter Installation

By Brent


This is a top view of the shifter mount prototype for the Toyota cable shifter. The four mounting holes are used to attach the mount and shifter to the upper inside of the chassis.


The same mount from the side, The current version has supports from the base to the vertical sides making it quite rigid.


Shifter was straightened and shortened to look like the original. Here it is mounted in the original hole.



This the brace with cables. It is mounted to the sides of chassis with 4 SS bolts. They can be reached with the body on if you get the car up enough to get under it.  The cables are 40 series universals with screw on clevises


Rear of car cable mounts. Side to side uses original lever position on NG. Lever has been lengthened to provide better mechanical advantage. Mount is attached to custom tranny support. Mount for F/B lever is welded to S2 type lower link support.